Ghostly Occurrences in Waldomore

IMG_0034Upon her death in August 1930, May Goff Lowndes donated, her childhood home, Waldomore to the city of Clarksburg to be used as a library or museum; otherwise the house would be given back to the family. Beginning in 1931, the city converted the house into a library, which opened on June 1, 1931. The Clarksburg Public Library called Waldomore home until 1975 when the library moved into a larger facility next to the mansion. Today, Waldomore is located in downtown Clarksburg where it serves as both a genealogical archive and museum as part of the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library.

Most residents have visited Waldomore or traveled past while driving through town. Little do they know that there have been two witnesses that have experienced ghostly events in Waldomore. An account given by one of the librarians describes two separate peculiar occurrences when they heard the grand piano being played downstairs while working in the WV Room. The first time it was just one key being struck repeatedly, “as if someone was checking the pitch on the piano.” The second time this occurred it was three keys.  On both instances, the staff member went down to discover that the cover was on top of the piano and all the doors to the room were locked.

The second account involves another librarian who has seen a woman in white gazing from the second story window while walking by the building.  No one is sure of who this female ghost might be. There have been numerous suggestions as to who this woman could be. Her identity and her reason for staying continue to remain a mystery .



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