Meet the Collection: Fall 2017

Fourth Courthouse

A few weeks ago, the staff of Waldomore came across this stunning photo of the fourth Harrison County courthouse. The building was located on the corner of Main and Third streets where the courthouse stands today.  The building was constructed in 1888, by George W. L. Meyers for an approximate cost of $46,000. The courthouse was assembled of brick with  cut-stones sills and lintels. It consisted of three floors that housed the offices of the circuit court, county clerk, county court, and the sheriff. The clock and bell, both considered prominent features of the building, were elements preserved from previous courthouses.

Despite that fact that the building looks big, there was limited floor space and many Clarksburg residents were unhappy with the building. As early as 1912, county residents and officials were coming up with plans to replace the building. In 1928,  there was a special election to approve construction of a new, fifth, courthouse. In total, over $700,000 was raised for the construction of the courthouse. The fifth and final courthouse, constructed and finished in 1932, still stands on the corner of Main and Third streets today.


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