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For more than forty years, the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library’s home was an elegant antebellum house called Waldomore. The house was built in 1842, by local resident Waldo P. Goff and his wife, Harriet Moore, from which it the derived the name “Waldomore.”

In 1931, the house was gifted to the city of Clarksburg by May Lowndes Goff to be used as a library and museum. Over the years, the library’s collection and services outgrew the capacity of the old building. In 1975, a new structure was built beside Waldomore to house the Library’s main collection.

Waldomore remains a part of the library complex. Its ground floor offers a large public meeting space alongside rooms that display period furnishings. Its second floor houses the West Virginia Collection and Gray Barker UFO Collection.